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We contacted the law office of John Fitzgerald to get advice on how to handle a charge of misdemeanor shoplifting at a local store levied against our daughter, a student at a local college. We believed in our daughter's innocence and felt the evidence was supportive of her innocence as well. Mr. Fitzgerald was very accommodating during our initial consultation and sagely explained the nuances of the North Carolina judicial system in terms we clearly understood. He provided us with a surefire option that would enable resolution of the case in an expeditious manner while preserving my daughter's integrity and removing any potential hindrances to her future aspirations.

It was obvious in the courtroom that Mr. Fitzgerald is a well-respected member of the Winston-Salem legal community with the reputation of being thorough and well prepared as acknowledged by the judge. Our daughter's court appearance went exactly as had been explained to us by Mr. Fitzgerald and his staff and that provided immense satisfaction for us. This was our first (and prayerfully last) foray into the criminal court world and having the John Fitzgerald Law firm navigate us through it proved to be the best choice under what we felt were the worst of circumstances at the time.

Professional, honest and caring are just a few of the attributes we would use to describe the law firm of John Fitzgerald. We hope to never have to use legal services for criminal accusations again, but if we found ourselves needing legal representation again, we would undoubtedly make the call to the Fitzgerald law firm! Highly recommended for those who may find themselves in unfortunate legal circumstances. Thanks for everything.


I hired John Fitzgerald for my DWI case and was extremely pleased with my experience. He and his staff were helpful, kind, and compassionate, and pleasant during a very scary, and stressful time. Perhaps more importantly, Mr. Fitzgerald's experience, professionalism, and expertise was apparent at every turn. I was found not guilty, and would highly recommend Mr. Fitzgerald to anybody who wants to give themselves the best chance possible in court.


At my law firm, John E. Fitzgerald, Attorney at Law, I defend clients against criminal charges, DWI/DUIs and traffic violations. With more than 20 years of experience, I provide my clients with the strong, vigorous defense they deserve. My staff and I are dedicated to providing excellent customer service in an approachable and comfortable manner.

To learn more about how we treat our clients, read the testimonials below:

I had been charged with a DUI with several complex aspects and serious consequences associated with them. John was patient, understanding, and readily accessible for all my questions. Ultimately the resolution of the case is due to his expertise. He and his caring and professional staff exceeded my expectations.

E. Gray

Mr. Fitzgerald is a realistic lawyer. He constantly reassures you with his confidence and I appreciated him not sugar coating anything about my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Fitzgerald to anyone who needs representation in the future.

"I want to thank John for his professionalism, integrity, and knowledge of law. He handled my case with dignity, treating me as a person, not a criminal. I would highly recommend John if anyone should feel the need for representation. Thank you. Chris S."

When my husband and I received that 3am phone call from our 19 year old son saying he had been arrested for driving while consuming, we were at a total loss as to what to do to help him navigate the complicated and expensive legal system without destroying his future! We had no experience with this situation before and had no idea who to turn to. After searching the internet for local representation, we chose Attorney John Fitzgerald. All you have to do is read any of the many reviews on his website to immediately know that John is a professional specialist in this area of the law.

It was a very scary process with a huge learning curve for our family. John supported us by explaining all the detailed caveats of the law at our first consultation. He explained that the actual charges included Driving While Consuming Under Age 21, Speeding and DWI! He laid out all of our son's options and made professional recommendations based on years of experience.

While we felt prepared for even the worst possible outcome, we can very happily say that the outcome of our son's case was the best possible scenario. The DWI and Speeding were dismissed and the Driving While Consuming resulted in a Prayer for Judgement. He didn't even lose his driver's license! I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that without representation from Attorney John Fitzgerald, our son's case would not have ended on this positive note! John even caught and corrected a clerical error by the court which could have had unwarranted future negative repercussions.

John represented our son with genuine concern for his future and worked very hard to ensure that his lack of good judgement on that fateful evening would not destroy his future collegiate and professional life. If you find yourself in need of a second chance, I highly recommend contacting Attorney John Fitzgerald!

I recently needed a good attorney to handle a couple of serious legal matters. It is interesting how I came to choose John Fitzgerald. My case had been in continuance for over a year and I was at that time using another attorney, with whom I was not happy. While having to appear in court every three months for these continuances I was able to observe very many attorneys at work during court sessions. I was so impressed watching how John dealt with his clients in court that I hired him to take over my case. This turned out to be a truly wonderful decision. He and his staff were absolutely amazing. Going into court is a very scary and intimidating experience, but John's expertise, personality, and professionalism really made a difference. I can't thank him enough.

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,
Thank you and your staff for the excellent manner in which you represented my daughter, Lindsey. It is difficult to find an attorney who will provide the expertise needed to give their clients the best possible opportunities within the law to maintain their innocence. My daughter's case was complicated and made more difficult by her responsiveness. You and your staff went the extra mile in order help her reach a verdict which was the best possible outcome.
Often overlooked is the organization of a law practice. I was very impressed with the individuals who support your efforts and the team effort approach. Renee seemed to always be available to add another set of ears but more importantly she was always covering the unexpected complications and providing exceptional follow up. But the team effort went beyond this as the rest of your staff was organized to help the client feel secure that their every need was their top priority. The infrastructure in your office is outstanding and the dedication of each individual puts your office far above your competitors.
The bottom line is this, you and your staff provided service which is unparalleled. My only question is, why would anyone not choose your firm when a legal need is presented? Your firm gives their clients through, dedicated and quality service. Thanks to you and each member of your staff.

I recently contacted John concerning a legal matter and after talking to over 15 other lawers over the past year I found John to be very knowledgeable, careing, and an attitude of wanting to help. No other lawyer has shown these qualities with just a phone call. He has helped me without compensation and because of that he showes me he truely cares and If In the future I have need of representation I will most definately call John Fitzgerald.

"Life will take you down many roads, and some of those experiences leave you with regrets, heartaches, good memories and opportunities for growth. I recently had an opportunity to revisit some of my previous life experiences and I needed to right some wrongs. I was searching for an affordable attorney to help me on my quest and in my Google search I came across Attorney John E. Fitzgerald.

I contacted the firm and Renee, the receptionist, greeted me with such warmth and friendliness and I felt comfortable elaborating about my situation. She listened and gave me options on how Attorney Fitzgerald could assist me in getting my driver's license reinstated. I gave Renee all the pertinent information and shortly thereafter I received a call from Attorney Fitzgerald. He was equally as professional and courteous and he answered all my questions and concerns. Due to the numerous driving offenses I needed to contact another attorney in another county and Attorney Fitzgerald referred me to his attorney friend Attorney Wilson Alexander.

Attorney Fitzgerald and Attorney Alexander were able to get my driving offenses dropped to a lesser charge and as of February 21, 2013 I am officially a legal driver of the state of North Carolina.

Attorney Fitzgerald and his practice helped me put my life back on track and because of their work ethic and urgency to help me realign my life I would refer them to anyone with any type of legal problem.

Thank you Attorney John Fitzgerald, Renee and the entire staff at John E. Fitzgerald, Attorney at Law for all your help and commitment to helping the community."

Sincerely Submitted,

  • CAE

"Very Satisfied. I had a traffic case and Fitzgerald and his team assured me that they could and would take care of my case. They were very nice and helpful to me the whole entire time. I would definitely recommend and refer his services. He will take care of you!"

  • AU

"Mr. Fitzgerald's reputation is by far the best in Forsyth and Davidson counties. The service that John and his office gives to their clients are leaps and bounds above any attorney my family has worked with in the past. He is also is very educated and gets the best results possible. I can honestly say that John Fitzgerald will always have my business and that of any person I can persuade. He is well worth the money! Thank you John for taking care of my Family for many years!"

  • NCprof

"I recently retained John E. Fitzgerald, Attorney at Law for a case. John is thorough, prepares well for your day in court. John took a personal interest in my case, my concern was his concern. I recommend him highly."

  • Owen Moore

"I have know John Fitzgerald for many years, both in a professional setting and through his representation of family and friends. I have found John and his staff to excellent in dealing with all matters within the Judicial system. He is well versed in all aspects of the legal system and shows complete devotion and care to each clients case. He is definitely an asset to his profession and I would strongly recommend John and his staff to anyone needing an Attorney."

  • Terry Price

"I have known John for over 7 years now, and he and his staff are the only ones i trust when i need legal advise/service. Any time i have needed their services, or had a friend or family member to refer, they have taken the best care of us and kept us informed the whole way. Anytime I hear of someone that got a speeding ticket etc, I always tell them to give John a call!"

  • fdestasio

"When you need to call a attorney, its not the best of times, but with John and his staff, they always made it a bit easier.

"My family had to make some tough choices...but John guided us through the hard times and even though the outcome was a rough one, I knew John did his very best and I would and have recommended him to anybody who needs a great attorney. One who really cares about his clients. He and his staff go above and beyond. In such difficult times he makes it easier."

  • kfrrt

"I first used John's expertise around 7 years ago when I received my first speeding ticket. Since then, John has been in my corner anytime that I need legal counsel or representation. Highly, highly, highly recommended!"

  • bdford

"John won my confidence immediately over-the-phone and I'm pleased to say his expertise and caring demeanor in person put me right at ease, as well. If you need legal assistance and don't know where to turn, look NO further than Attorney John Fitzgerald! His efforts on my behalf yielded better-than-optimal results and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know."

  • MadelynG

"I have known John for many years but never personally had need of his services until this spring. Got my second ticket in 45 years and he took care of it for me. Had it reduced with no points on my insurance or license and just as importantly, I didn't have to go to court. Thanks, John.
"Hopefully I will not need to call him again for legal help but if I do, I definitely know where to go. He's professional, courteous and just plain NICE."

  • amaskgirl

"Awesome on a scale from 1 - 10 with 10 being Outstanding and 1 being horrible, I say 10, 10, 10 all the way. Thank you for such outstanding work and great results."

  • mim290

"This attorney is the best! He is smart, honest and knows the law. He diligently represents all his clients. John's reputation is impeccable! I would strongly recommend him to anyone!!"

  • D.Coltrane

"Mr. Fitzgerald is the only attorney I call when my family needs legal assistance. I have referred friends and other relatives to him since he always does a wonderful job. He is always honest and up front. He treats everyone with respect. I would refer anyone I know to him!"

  • CNewman1012


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