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Alternative Sentencing For More Lenient Consequences

Facing the criminal justice system, especially for the first time, can be a frightening experience. If you are facing criminal or traffic charges in North Carolina, you obviously want some good news. You want to receive the most lenient punishment possible. Because the system can seem so harsh, many people accused with crimes do not believe that there are options available to make their punishments less severe.

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As a Winston-Salem lawyer for deferred prosecutions, I can help you explore your options and help you try to get the most lenient outcome possible. I have more than 20 years of experience helping clients improve their situations through deferred prosecution and other alternative sentencing methods, if available.

Deferred Prosecution Agreements In Forsyth, Davidson And Davie Counties

The major benefit of deferred prosecution is that it allows participants to avoid having a criminal conviction on their permanent records if they successfully complete the program.

If you qualify for the program, instead of a conviction, you will be given a "punishment" for a short time. This punishment lasts usually from six months to 24 months under the supervision of a probation officer. If you complete the punishment period successfully, you will not have any conviction on your record. This program requires approval from the District Attorney and it is available to first-time offenders of misdemeanor and some select felony charges.

With more than 20 years as a lawyer, I have a wealth of experience helping clients through the deferred prosecution program. I can help defend your rights and make sure you are getting the best arrangement possible.

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